Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Elephant Learning Work?

Elephant learning uses advanced research licensed exclusively via the University of Denver in order to provide experiences that constantly adapt a curriculum to your child.  By presenting questions at the right level, we avoid the frustration from presenting something that is too difficult and avoid boredom from presenting problems that are too easy.

Depending on the age of your child, we start with an assessment that allows us to quickly determine if there are any gaps.  At the end of the assessment you have an accurate Elephant Age for your child that allows you to understand how your child is doing.  From there curriculum is automatically assigned to the student.

We present children with experiences that are best described as puzzles.  These puzzles require understanding of a mathematical concept and place language around those concepts so that children may better understand the teachers in the classroom.  More importantly, they will be able to apply the mathematics they are learning.  By understanding the concepts, it allows the mathematics to become a problem solving tool.  In other words, we do not teach that 5+4 is 9, we teach what it means to have 5 things and add 4 more.

How does learning happen?  Is it memorization?

From time to time, someone wants to understand exactly how these puzzles help children learn.  They are not memorization.  The activities come from early age education experts and they were shown to statistically teach concepts better than some control.  Having said that, the best way to understand what these puzzles do is to think about how you learn things best.  Have you ever bought a piece of furniture from Ikea and had to put it together?  It is like that but for children.  Because the children are actively engaged playing with the mathematical concepts on the screen, they get a concrete understanding of the concept at hand.  At no time does it feel like memorization, but people remember what they do and that is why the same research shows that retention from these activities were also longer than control.

What is the application process?

Our on boarding process helps us gather the information required to setup your children in the system and contact you should there be any reason for us to get ahold of you regarding progress.  We aim to ensure quality and the professors are running monthly reports to gauge progress for the system and for individual children that are falling outside the averages.  Because of this, we are allowing children to apply to enter into the academy and to apply for scholarship into the academy.   We provide personalized attention for all the children upon request through data review and feedback.  So you should at any time feel the need to contact us please do not hesitate to do so.  We have helped many parents and through the feedback we have figured out how to expand the system to improve upon our already amazing performance.

Here is all you have to do:

  • Click Apply Now and fill out the application.
  • If you wish to be considered for a scholarship, fill out the scholarship application
  • Enter your credit card.

We will then notify you of acceptance, however you gain access immediately.  

What is the tuition for Elephant Learning Math Academy?

The tuition is $35/month.  We offer scholarships based on merit that may lower the tuition to as little as $10/month.  Apply for a scholarship by filling out the scholarship application.  It only takes a few moments.

What is the Guarantee?

On average, children in our system learn 1.5 years of math in about 10 weeks.  As of yet, none of our students have learned less than 1.5 years of math within 3 months if they used the system for 30 minutes per week.  So we decided to back our bet on how effective the system is.  We guarantee your child will learn at least 1 year of math in 3 months if they play 30 minutes per week.  After 3 months of usage if your child has not learned at least 1 year of math contact us and we will either refund the money or find a way for your child to work within our system.  In fact, we want you to contact us much sooner if you are having issues so that we can ensure that your child is empowered by mathematics.  So you see there is no risk on your part, only your child's future to gain.

How do I cancel?

Just let us know via email so that we can understand what has happened and adequately adjust our system.

How do I change my password?

We intend to allow you to change your password within the mobile and tablet applications soon.  Right now, you may set a password by login in via web browser on mobile, tablet or desktop and choosing Account Management from the menu.

Why do all the games have the same activity?

What was built was actually a game engine that allows early age researchers to quickly get activities directly to children.  This allows us to merge characters created via world class designers with activities that have come from world class researchers.  Between game plays of even the same game we vary backgrounds, voices, sounds, and animations so that each time your child plays they are getting a unique experience.  We are also working on version 2.0 which advances this engine to the next level by making the games more dynamic and animated.  When combined together with proprietary curriculum navigation techniques, it makes the world's most advanced learning platform.