Learn 1 Year Of Math In 3 Months.

Automated Math Academy For Students From Ages 2-16


We guarantee your child will learn at least 1 year of math in 3 months if they play 30 minutes per week.


The Right Activity, At The Right Time, Accelerates Learning.

Ethan Learned 4 Years of Math in Just 3 Months.

Our Growing Library of Activities & Characters Challenge & Entertain While Providing ACCELERATED Learning!

Our cutting-edge software quickly detects understanding.  We constantly adapt to your child always presenting them challenging activities that are exactly what they need to move forward.  

Simple, Real-Time Reporting and Parent Activities allow you to take learning off the screen with fun games and activities to do with your child.

It is like having a University professors teach your children math.  We supplement the software by being there for you in order to help you understand how to coach your child to success.  

Elephant Learning is 100% compatible with all school curriculums because we focus on concepts rather than procedures, thereby enhancing the classroom experience.

Educational App Store Walk Through and Review:

    "As a mathematical learning platform this is by far one of the best we have seen. It is clear that the developers have an in-depth understanding of how Math should be taught. We believe that this could be the basis of mathematical learning for the future and that is why it has been awarded our five-star rating."

Our Academy In The News:

Interview With Chancellor Dr. Aditya Nagrath PhD.

University of Denver Interviews Co-Founder & Professor of Mathematics Dr. Alvaro Arias!

3 Year Old Kennedy Does Kindergarten Math!

*Scholarships Are Awarded Based on Merit

Scholarships are available and awarded based upon merit via our partners at Math Matters.  To apply for a scholarship, simply fill out the short application while enrolling.  A scholarship may lower the tuition to as low as $10/month.

Basic Tuition

Tuition Is Not Due For 3-Days

 The Tuition Covers up to 3 Students:

  • Your Child Will Learn 1 Year Of Math Every 3 Months
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Parental Advice Integrating Math Into Everyday Life
  • Growing Library Of Activities, Characters, and Curriculum
  • Email Coaching From University Professors 
  • Certificates & Awards Designed to Intrinsically Motivate Children.

$35 / Month
*Includes up to 3 students.

We award Scholarships based on merit.  Please fill out the Scholarship Application to qualify.

Elephant Learning






Registration Fee




Included Students




Weekly Time Investment Per Student

30 min, Anytime & Anywhere

Over 2 Hours + Drive

Over 2 Hours + Drive

Advance 1 Year

3 Months Guaranteed

1 Year, No Guarantee

1 Year, No Guarantee

Individualized Support

100% Individualized Curriculum


Real-Time Reporting

Timely Parental Advice To Integrate Math Into Every Day Life

Share Progress Real-Time With Teachers & Tutors

Engaging Mobile & Desktop Games

Tuition is Not Due For 3-Days

Founded By PhD Mathematicians

We Guarantee Results

If your child plays at least 30 minutes per a week, we Guarantee that your children's Elephant Age increase by at least 1 year in 3 months.  That is just 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week.  Many children have learned much more than 1 year in 3 months, see our case studies below.   Here is how it works:




The application only takes 1-2 minute.  If you wish to apply for a scholarship, you will be prompted to fill out a scholarship application.  Then just pay attention to your email!



Your child begins by playing our activities.  We start with an assessment that determines what curriculum to provide and seamlessly transition the "games" to learning mode.



Check out the reports and advice section with activities on integrating math into everyday life!  We provide resources and you can email us at anytime for personalized attention.

What People Are Saying About Us


Engaging Games

I think the games are very engaging for the children, and I love the fact that they move quickly if they get it right, or go back if they begin to struggle.

Mother of 3 and 6 Year Old

Number Sense Vastly Improved

The greatest thing I notice is that my students’ understanding of number sense has greatly increased. Students that I knew could hardly identify numbers 1- 5 last year are now adding and subtracting.

PT Preschool Teacher

Amazing Results

Thank You!

I have enjoyed watching my youngest (5 year old in preschool) thrive on Elephant Learning! He is a visual learner, and the way the program is set up works perfectly for him.

He loves the games, and I love watching how what he learns on the app spills over into "real" life. He is consistently finding math problems throughout the day, like when we eat our snack or counting other objects.

I'm a homeschooling mother, and I appreciate finding a great tool that my son can use independently allowing me to work 1 on 1 with my other child.

I also love that it's much harder for my children to simply guess at elephant math. I've tried other math apps, but my kids always seem to find a way to guess their way through the system. Not so with Elephant Learning!

I have much more confidence that they are mastering the skills being taught in Elephant Learning. I value and use all of the tools to track my children's progress. The timer, progress reports, activity suggestions are all wonderful and set this app apart from anything else we've tried.

Thank you for seeing a need to help children have a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and creating such an excellent app!


Can I Sign Up My ENTIRE Class?

I've just discovered Elephant Learning and tried it out at home. I'm a teacher at a school in the south Denver Metro area. We use inquiry based, personalized learning, and are always looking for apps that are concept based (so hard to find)! This is the BEST math app I've discovered! Is there any chance I can sign up my entire class?

Nancy Elementary School Teacher

Fills the gaps.

As we get into more difficult concepts, I feel like they are equipped with great number sense and the ability to tackle the harder problems. It has helped supplement our curriculum and fill in gaps.

H.S. Head Start Teacher
  • Jeremiah
  • Ethan
  • cecilia
  • william

Ethan Learned 4 years Of Math!

Ethan started counting with us, and is almost complete with multiplication and division and is now undertaking the fraction curriculum.  All since February 2017.  

45 Minutes Per Week
Years Math

Our accurate reporting gives your child a "real" math age.  With this simple metric, we are able to give you reports that are up to the second.

What Our Partners Are Saying About Us:

The Overall Statistics

Because our reports are so accurate, we are able to run detailed reports on the children within our system, we are also able to run detailed reports on our system.    

As your children adapt to our system, our system adapts to your children, constantly improving on results that are already extraordinary.  But best of all, math when played at the right level is actually fun!  Think Sudoku, but for children.

What all this means is that we are the most sophisticated learning platform on the planet, and the results speak for themselves.

Average Years Gained
Minutes Of Weekly Playtime

Children in underserved neighborhoods are three years behind their funded peers.  Math scores predict whether a child drops out of high school, and some of these neighborhoods have drop out rates of 48%.

In 2007, the census bureau estimates that the high school drop outs, from that year alone, lost 325 billion dollars of lifetime income due to not graduating from college.  Children in these neighborhoods never had a fighting chance,  all due to a gap in math understanding.

Elephant Learning is proud to provide Scholarships to underserved children as well as those who show academic merit.  Elephant Learning is partnered with Math Matters to ensure that the children who need the academy the most have access.