Automated Math Academy For Children Ages 2 - 12

Learn To Read By Doing More Math

Did you know that children that do more mathematics have better oral language abilities, better grammatical complexity, and tend have better grades in ALL subjects?  

How about preschool math scores predict later reading abilities better than early reading scores?

Research indicates that mathematics is more important for early age children than previously thought.  There are strong correlations between math scores and overall scores, meaning that all subjects are affected by Math.  Math scores predict future reading scores better than reading tests, children that do more math have better grammatical complexity, oral language ability, and ultimately choose majors with better life quality outcomes.

People tend to focus on getting young children reading and mathematics is often not considered important for young children, but the truth is, the more mathematics children do, the smarter they become.

The jobs of tomorrow are happening in an increasingly quantitative world with technological advancement happening at an unprecedented pace and college majors such as business becoming data driven. But what the research really indicates is that young children that do more math, are not only better prepared for these subjects, but actually perform better at ALL subjects.

Computers & Calculators Are CHANGING The Way Math Is Done!

It is true! Yet children cannot use a calculator or computer to solve real life problems unless they understand the concepts of arithmetic.  It turns out rather than memorizing your multiplication tables, it is more useful to understand what the concept behind multiplication means.  Without understanding the concepts, the tools we have to help us with the math are useless.

Understanding The Math is more important than being able to do the math. - And Math Makes Children Better At ALL Other Subjects!

Do not take my word for it.  We have hundreds of research studies that we personally looked at before we started this project.  But what is more surprising is that there are just as many research papers that have the solution to the "math" problem!

It is hard to believe that preschool math affects my child's entire life...

It is difficult to fathom. While 94% of parents think math is very important, not very many would think math affects a child's future success.

The chart below shows that 4 out of 5 children entering the school system are unprepared for the curriculum.  The result is that when faced with the concept of addition and the pressure of a classroom, many children are forced to memorize answers rather than understand the concepts.  The memorization strategy of solving these problems can work for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Children can even memorize the procedures for math on fractions, but when a child gets to algebra, without understanding ALL of those concepts plus some others, it is basically game over.   The saddest part, is all of these children understand these concepts at some point in their life... just not at the right time!

"But What You Are Saying Is That We Just Have To Teach Children to Count..." - Yes! But That Is Not Even The Most Surprising Part!

It turns out that the research shows that children understand extremely advanced math concepts at early age!  In fact, they exhibit many of those concepts during playtime.  For example, a 4 year old girl dividing the tea equally at a pretend play date.  That is the concept of division, and if a trained observer were watching and labelled it for them, that would be all that is necessary.

The benefits do not stop there.  For example, because the child is using the mathematics to solve a concrete problem in real life, they are applying the math which is what is even MORE important than understanding.  Finally, let's not forget that math affects all subjects!

If Your Child Is Applying Math To Solve Problems Then Their Odds Of Success Go Through The Roof!  Ignoring that fact, imagine what would be possible for society if children understood algebra at an early age?  Would we be producing better scientists, engineers, doctors... would those people solve the big problems facing us today?   Imagine the possibilities the future a better educated society holds?  The possibilities for your child would be endless.

Given the above, the following facts are alarming:

  • 2 Out of 3 High School Students Are NOT Proficient In Math.  A problem again starting at preschool that could have been solved anywhere between K-5 by just taking some time to ensure that the child is caught up with the class.
  • 69% of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Majors Switch To a Major With Less Math. And the world is becoming more data driven forcing business and politics to understand more advanced concepts. The "when am I ever going to use it" argument ends with this:  If someone doesn't understand a concept, they will never find the opportunity to use it because the concept is not in their toolbox.
  • Almost half of all 1st and 2nd graders have math anxiety. Being anxious of math is not conducive to an environment of learning, perpetuating the above statistics.

In Math Education, Timing Is Everything...

Math builds on top of itself.  If one does not understand counting and numbers, it is very difficult to understand addition.  If one does not understand addition, one cannot understand multiplication.  Trying to teach multiplication to a child that doesn't understand addition only frustrates the child and the teacher...

Therefore, if you want to teach children mathematics you need to know what they understand. This is harder than it sounds.  Suppose someone want to determine if a child understands addition.  What would we do?  "Hey Johnny, what is 5+4?" Johnny will quickly reply "9".  All good?  No, that is part of the problem.  How do you tell if the answer came from memorization or from understanding?

It Is Difficult For Parents, It Is Impossible For Teachers!

You could figure out if Johnny knows how to add by putting 5 peanuts in front of him and asking him "if you had 4 more peanuts, how many peanuts would you have?"  But how could we accomplish the same task in a group setting in a timely manner?  How would you have the time to evaluate 30 students each day and how could you ensure you always lecture so children understand?  

That is why parents need to be involved in the educational process and it is also why it does not matter how good the school or teacher is, it is nearly impossible to know which child understands these concepts and which is memorizing. Only YOU can ensure that your child understands math that will be taught before your child enters the classroom.

We Understand Parents Because We ARE Parents.  That is why we created - The Elephant Learning Math Academy

Our Technology  Detects Gaps In Understanding! We Fill Those Gaps With Activities Written By Early Age Education Experts!

Elephant Learning was created by 2 Mathematics Professors from the University of Denver who wanted to ensure that there was a tool that could ensure that their children understood math well enough to make it through the school system.  Because they understand how important math is for children, and they understand the best way to teach it, they wanted to ensure their our own children had an easy, fun, and effective method to teaching math concepts.  Elephant Learning was built to be the most effective math learning platform ever, because we want our children to be the most successful ever.

The result of our efforts is a carefully crafted piece of technology that is accessible via web, mobile, or tablet:

  1. Our coursework plays like fun puzzle games: The coursework feels like math puzzles.  Because our algorithms constantly analyze, after the initial evaluation, we are always presenting math concepts at the right time!
  2. In Depth Reporting Keep You Up To Date: Our detailed reports boil the math down to one single number that is easy to understand.  The Elephant Age is your child's "real" math age.  It lets you know how they measure up and how they are progressing at the same time.
  3. Parental Activities: We provide activities that you can play with your child in order to keep them practicing at their level.  So for example, when your child has learned to produce 6 (produce 6 items), then we advise you to play board games.  They have to identify the number from the die, and produce that number to move their piece.  We even give you hints on how to coach your children.

How Does Elephant Learning Work To Guarantee My Child's Future?

Elephant Learning begins by evaluating your child, quickly detecting the gap and determining their initial elephant age. Seamlessly transitioning from evaluation to coursework, learning begins immediately.  As children play, they solve the puzzles and as they catch those concepts, we carefully place wording around what has happened.  As they figure out the math, we place the vocabulary and put a name on the concept.  The result is learning that has at an ASTOUNDING pace.

The results are so astounding, that the University of Denver has launched an internal research project to investigate.  As your child understands the concepts and understands how to describe them in words, they are now fully prepared for the classroom experience.

See what some of our customers have to say:

“Amazing Results”


Thank You!

I have enjoyed watching my youngest (5 year old in preschool) thrive on Elephant Learning! He is a visual learner, and the way the program is set up works perfectly for him.

He loves the games, and I love watching how what he learns on the app spills over into "real" life. He is consistently finding math problems throughout the day, like when we eat our snack or counting other objects.

I'm a homeschooling mother, and I appreciate finding a great tool that my son can use independently allowing me to work 1 on 1 with my other child.

I also love that it's much harder for my children to simply guess at elephant math. I've tried other math apps, but my kids always seem to find a way to guess their way through the system. Not so with Elephant Learning!

I have much more confidence that they are mastering the skills being taught in Elephant Learning. I value and use all of the tools to track my children's progress. The timer, progress reports, activity suggestions are all wonderful and set this app apart from anything else we've tried.

Thank you for seeing a need to help children have a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and creating such an excellent app!


“Can I Sign Up My ENTIRE Class?”


I've just discovered Elephant Learning and tried it out at home. I'm a teacher at a school in the south Denver Metro area. We use inquiry based, personalized learning, and are always looking for apps that are concept based (so hard to find)! This is the BEST math app I've discovered! Is there any chance I can sign up my entire class?

Nancy (Elementary School Teacher)

There is No Risk, We Guarantee Results!

If your child uses our system 30 minutes per a week, after 10 weeks they will have learned 1 year of math concepts.  That is less than 5 minutes a day to ensure your child's future success.  That is right, your child will learn over 1 year of math in less than 3 months... Guaranteed.

See how children in our system are doing

  • Jeremiah
  • Ethan
  • CEcilia
  • william

William Learned Almost 2 years Of Math

William is just a 3 year old that understands first grade math.  In less than 3 months, we took him from counting to addition and subtraction.  Now that William will understand the teacher and curriculum coming into school, he will not have any issues keeping up in class.  Staying within our system, William will be introduced to concepts typically reserved for older children.  The sooner he understands them, the sooner he can move on to more complex topics such as writing code or understanding physics.

30 Minutes Per Week
Years Math

The Educational App Store Has Rated Us 5 Stars.

"It is clear that the developers have an in-depth understanding of how Maths should be taught and they can be commended for the system they have developed... We believe that this could be the basis of mathematical learning for the future and that is why it has been awarded our five-star rating."

What would you pay to Guarantee Your Child's Future?

Our Tuition of $35/month is an incredible value! Look at what you get.  You get a system that is better than Kumon or Mathnasium, but at fraction of the price. But what's even better, is you can share your child's data with your teacher or tutor so that they know EXACTLY where to pick up teaching your child.  What really makes The Elephant Learning Math Academy extremely unique is that it is the only tool that makes teachers more effective by helping them do their job!

Elephant Learning






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Weekly Time Investment Per Student

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Over 2 Hours + Drive

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1 Year, No Guarantee

1 Year, No Guarantee

Individualized Support

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Real-Time Reporting

Timely Parental Advice To Integrate Math Into Every Day Life

Share Progress Real-Time With Teachers & Tutors

Engaging Mobile & Desktop Games

Tuition Due 10-Days After Application

Founded By PhD Mathematicians

Private tutors and private schools are much more expensive and they do not offer any guarantees!  Our ONLY goal is to ensure that children learn math.  As professors of mathematics, we see the quality of the students coming into college and it breaks our heart that many of them never really understood the basics.  There is no way for them to catch up when they reach us.  That is why we offer financial aid to ensure that all parents can afford admission!  All children need to learn math...

Can You Afford To Wait? Children Are Already Taking Advantage Of Our System

We have 5 year olds that are doing multiplication and division, and 3 year olds that are adding and subtracting.  On average, children within our system learn 1.5 years of math in 3 months.  Can you afford to wait?  I wake up in the morning all the time wishing I knew something earlier in life, I have never woken up wishing I knew something LATER!

Here Is What You Get:

  • Guaranteed Advancement: Your child will progress at least 1 year in only 3 months.
  • Access to Elephant Learning for all of your children between ages 2 & up. (Curriculum goes to Algebra)
  • Real-time reports to keep you up to date on your child's progress.
  • Parental advice and activities that allow you to integrate math into everyday life.
  • Email Coaching from University Professors in Mathematics.
  • A growing library of characters, games, and animations that entertain your child as they learn.

There is No Risk, We Guarantee Results!

If your child uses our system 30 minutes per a week, after 10 weeks they will have learned 1 year of math concepts.  That is less than 5 minutes a day to ensure your child's future success.  That is right, your child will learn over 1 year of math in less than 3 months... Guaranteed.

"Elephant Learning is the most effective math platform ever invented.  Almost every child in our system has learned at least 1 year of math in 10 weeks.  That is why we are confident in guaranteeing the results.”

Dr. Alvaro Arias PhD
Professor of Mathematics
University of Denver

P.S.: Our tuition is going up next semester.  This is your opportunity to lock in the tuition rate and financial aid FOR LIFE.  In addition, If you sign up within the next 24 hours, we are waiving the registration fee.  Why wait and miss this incredible opportunity. Complete your application today.