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"In America, we tell our children they can grow up to be whatever they want! The truth is, they never even had a fighting chance!"
-Dr. Aditya Nagrath PhD 

Elephant Learning is about making sure children have opportunity.  

  Almost half of first and second graders report having math anxiety, along with 50% of Americans.  True empowerment is achieved by understanding the concepts behind the mathematics, alleviating these anxieties, and achieving beyond expectation.  Today's workforce and education system needs to evolve to match the evolution of the technological revolution.  A world built on & by mathematics, and fueled only by the unlimited creativity and capabilities of the human mind.

  Too many times children get to college only to find out that their dreams require more mathematics than they are willing to learn.  Elephant Learning is a mission to ensure all children are empowered by mathematics.  That is why we are working with Math Matters and social entrepreneurial groups at University of Denver to build the next generation of scientists, but also entrepreneur.  Leaders that are not just socially aware, but scientifically aware.  

  Change comes easiest when you place concentrated attention on the underlying problems that are causing the social distress.  Early age math is now a predictor of future scholastic success into college and early math is a predictor of reading & writing scores as well as high school drop out.  These basic fundamental concepts are not innate and can be learned by any child quickly via our proprietary system and we guarantee that with 30 minutes of use per week, your child will learn at least 1 year of math in 3 months.  

  Start an application today, and we ensure a children in need have access to the same revolutionary platform.


Can I Sign Up My ENTIRE Class?

I've just discovered Elephant Learning and tried it out at home. I'm a teacher at a school in the south Denver Metro area. We use inquiry based, personalized learning, and are always looking for apps that are concept based (so hard to find)! This is the BEST math app I've discovered! Is there any chance I can sign up my entire class?

Nancy Elementary School Teacher

Basic Tuition

Tuition Is Not Due For 10-Days

 The Tuition Covers up to 3 Students:

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    Your Child Will Learn 1 Year Of Math Every 3 Months
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    Real-Time Reporting
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    Parental Advice Integrating Math Into Everyday Life
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    Growing Library Of Activities, Characters, and Curriculum
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    Email Coaching From University Professors 
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    Certificates & Awards Designed to Intrinsically Motivate Children.

$35 / Month

We award Scholarships based on need and academic merit.  Please fill out the Scholarship Application to qualify.

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Over 2 Hours + Drive

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1 Year, No Guarantee

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Real-Time Reporting

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Tuition is Not Due For 10-Days

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