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How Do I Change My Child’s Avatar?

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How Do I Change My Child’s Avatar?

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You may change a student’s avatar at any time from the Dashboard.

Log into the Dashboard at, and click on the settings icon (it looks like two mountains side by side in a box) located inside the purple bar next to the student’s name, above and to the right of their current avatar image.

A student's avatar and preferred voices can be changed on the dashboard by clicking the settings icon above and to the right of the student's avatar.

The pop up screen will open to the settings and default to “Avatar.” You can then either swipe (on a touchscreen) or click the left or right arrow buttons to toggle between the available avatar options.

You may select a new avatar on the settings screen.

Once the screen displays your desired avatar, click on the purple “Save” text in the bottom right corner to exit the pop up screen.

1 minuteread