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How Do I Add More Students to the App?

By Elephant Learning

How Do I Add More Students to the App?

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You will hopefully be pleased to know that your monthly tuition subscription covers all of the children in your immediate family (unlike some other apps, we don’t believe in charging a separate fee for each of your children). 

You may add students by the following process:

(1) Using a web browser, login in to your Elephant Learning account at

(2) Navigate to the “Manage Account” option using the menu in the upper-right corner of the screen (click on the icon showing a stack of three lines). 

(3) On the next screen, click on the “Students” tab and scroll down to “+ Student” button located at the bottom of the form. Complete the fields as required and click on the grey “Save” box to officially add another student to your account.

By default, we allow you to add up to 3 students from your immediate family. If you would like more than 3 students on your account, please email our team at, and let them know the following information about your student: First Name, Last Name, Birthdate (month, day, year), Gender

They will add the student to your account, and let you know when the student can begin the placement testing process.

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